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How managers can be career coaches in chaos

Posted by Christine DiDonato on Jul 27, 2020 3:39:00 PM

One of the common questions we hear at Career Revolution is how to handle the "I don't have a career path" complaint from employees, especially those early in their career.

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Ask These 3 Questions to Immediately Increase Employee Engagement

Posted by Christine DiDonato on Oct 23, 2017 10:09:00 AM

You just got the results back from your employee engagement survey, and some of them aren’t great. The responses to questions such as, “I am happy with my opportunities for career development,” or “I intend to be still working for the company in a year’s time," are low, especially with millennial employees.Now, your boss is telling you to get those scores up and provide coaching to your team. Except, that’s the extent of the coaching you receive.

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The Workplace Has Changed

How are you adapting?

The traditional career ladder is broken. Managers are being asked to do more with less and everyone is expected to be productive and innovate with little direction and ongoing change. Navigating your career has never been more challenging.

We discuss the hottest topics for:

  • Millennials trying make meaning out of their careers.
  • Managers looking for better ways to coach and inspire others.
  • HR professionals responsible for engaging and retaining top talent.

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